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When any of our Customers take the time to send in a Testimonial, or make a Quick Call, or send a Text, or little Note of their Appreciation it's always genuinely appreciated by our entire team.  Knowing that our customers are happy gives a real boost to our morale and to our job satisfaction!
What our customers say about us :
Mr & Mrs W said: We recently had Wrexham Cleaners Limited in for a 
“Back on track”clean as they called it, we have used other companies in the 
past for similar cleaning work, as we 
do like to have the house cleaned 
thoroughly at least 2 or 3 times a year. 
However, we must say that the 
quality of this cleaning work was far superior, there was also a general sense of real efficiency, and 
professionalism during the cleaning 
service, and after they left there was 
lovely fresh scent left all through
that lasted for days on end!!!!
We are happy to recommend them 
and will certainly use them again in 
the future.

Mrs G. said: I have recently had a one off clean with this company, and it was just great, I am delighted, you can truly trust them to do a great job! I have been singing their praises to all my family and friends. I think that across the years I must have tried out nearly every cleaning company there is, but have always been left with varying levels of disappointment. But not this time, Wrexham Cleaners Ltd are without a doubt the best in the Wrexham area.

Dr. R. said: We moved home recently with this company and they did a great job, on-time, in budget, and with no issues, they cleaned our new home ready for us to move into, and our old place for us to be able to get our full deposit back. We will have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them.

Mr & Mrs J. said:  We simply love using this cleaning company, we are not sure how best to explain why, so we have simply listed what comes to mind when we think about having them in to clean for us:- Polite, friendly, very hard working, professional, quick and efficient, thorough, great quality, impressive service!!!

Mr. O. said: Wrexham Cleaners Limited were recommended by a colleague of mine, so I decided to give them a try. They sorted my booking requirement in no time, they arrived as promised, and I was really very impressed with the cleaning carried out by their team. They worked very hard and I would not hesitate recommending them.

Mrs. C. said: I really can’t recommend this company highly enough - I felt so comfortable with their staff in my home that I left them to it, while I went to the supermarket. When I got back a couple of hours later, they were just finishing off in the kitchen. Bless these wonderful women, they had made my house sparkle from top to bottom! Absolutely Fantastic!!!

Mr & Mrs T. said: A reliable and friendly cleaning service that delivers great standards of cleaning. They always do a wonderful job, and its great coming home from work after they have been. Would definitely recommend!!!

Miss C. said: Booking was made so easy by very helpful office staff, the cleaning staff are just lovely and really care about my satisfaction with their work. I'm extremely happy and really looking forward to my next service.

Mrs M. Said: After being so terribly let down by another cleaning company, I couldn't be happier with the service from Wrexham Cleaners. They always leave my apartment spotless and smelling so fresh! Every surface clean and my glass shower screen, mirrors and windows gleaming. They are prompt, reliable and friendly, I am happy to recommend them as a 5 star service!!!

Mrs H said: I’ve been using Wrexham Cleaners for nearly 6 months now and I’m really impressed with them.
Their staff are always very responsive and flexible, helpful and know exactly how to achieve what is needed. The cleaning is really thorough and I have no hesitation in recommending them. They always work very hard and take pride in their work.  I'd say best of all they supply trustworthy people.

Mr E. said:  Many thanks to thank the team from Wrexham Cleaners who came to clean our flat, we had our full deposit back and were really very pleased with the result, and their politeness and professionalism throughout.

I have needed to use domestic cleaners for many years but have usually not been too happy with the quality of the cleaning. I know I am picky, and want an excellent job done consistently, so after reading the reviews for this company, I booked them for my Spring Clean. They did a very thorough job, their team of staff arrived at my house on time, and spent almost 4 hours cleaning through. They were polite yet friendly and worked very hard, but what I find truly amazing is that over two weeks later my house is still clean.  You will probably understand that quality costs, so do not expect to pay minimum wage rates, but in my view it is absolutely worth it. I have and would highly recommend this company.   -   Miss R.
I do not usually write reviews, but I felt that this cleaning company deserved my recommendation.  I used them for an end of tenancy, moving out clean and it was I am ashamed to say, more than a little messy! I admit that when the team arrived (bang on time) I was stressing, but their pleasant and professional manner soon relaxed me, and I felt completely able to trust them to get the job done, and what a fantastic job they did too! The landlord was delighted and I got my security deposit back in full.  
Wrexham Cleaners Limited you have my recommendation!  -   Miss Mc.

We have been using Wrexham Cleaners Ltd for over two years now, I think, and we've built up a nice relationship with our cleaning team in that time. They know exactly what needs to be done and always do a very good job, and they also respects our privacy. The office team are also very good, very helpful, this company obviously cares about their staff and the prices are reasonable. Mr & Mrs H

My teenagers are grounded!!!  Can you believe it, the first ( & last ) time ever that we trusted them to be left home on their own while my DH & I had a 2 day mini break, they thought it would be good idea to have a party while we were away!    

I was devastated :(  I couldn’t cope, but bless him my DH found Wrexham Cleaners, and got them round the very next day, the team that came were simply outstanding and left everything bright and clean and shining again.
So that just leaves the shoe prints on the wall, oh and the broken door.
Thanks kids!!   -   Mr & Mrs W

We have tried many, many cleaning companies and cleaners over the years, but let’s not rave on about all the ups and downs of our hiring and firing of different cleaners and cleaning companies, let us just say that at last we have found the best in local home cleaning services.  Wrexham Cleaners Limited provide us with a regular fortnightly cleaning service and without doubt our home is the cleanest it has ever been, their attention to detail is just amazing. So if like us you have tried the rest, now is the time for you to try the best!
 - Mr & Mrs K

Everything was delivered as promised, the cleaning team were polite and efficient, the cleaning was amazing and the price was well worth it, recommended ***** for Value for Money.   -   Mr B

So happy with this company and its employees. The price was reasonable for the task at hand, they made the whole property spotless. They have even noticed and wiped the dust off the top of the internal door frames, and the bathroom was unrecognizable after they had finished with it. Wrexham Cleaners are great and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.   -   Mr F

Miss W.  My team are absolutely fantastic. They are always very thorough and leave everything spotless. I love how careful they are when they are working, watching them take so much care when are moving things to clean gives me real peace of mind. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Mrs P.   Wrexham Cleaners Ltd saved my sanity yet again, I’ve recently had them come back for another of their “Special Back on Track Cleans”.  We were having our baby daughter christened, meaning a real house full and my Parents In Law staying over, I was getting so stressed about everything, but there was no need.
I phoned Tracey to explain and she timed everything just perfectly, her fantastic team left me at 12:00 pm sharp, leaving the whole house clean & shining, and looking & smelling fantastic!  And less than an hour later my Parents In Law arrived, my mother in law now thinks I’m some kind of domestic goddess!!!

Mrs B. said:   Highly recommended! 
Prompt, efficient, and very hard working, pleasant ladies. A great asset.

Mrs W.   I previously made the big mistake of going for the cheapest of the 3 quotes I received for cleaning my home, what a disappointment, nothing but stress & hassle and the cleaning left an awful lot to be desired! After 2 months I just had to let them go.   I have now been with Wrexham Cleaners Ltd for almost 6 months, and WOW what a difference! Tracey takes care of everything so there is absolutely no stress, & no hassle, and the cleaning team do everything exactly as Tracey promised they would.  My mother's favorite saying is "You only get what you pay for", and in some ways I agree, but whilst the quote from Wrexham Cleaners Ltd was in the middle price wise, what they actually deliver is far from just an average, ok clean!  What they call Genuine Value for Money, I call a Top of Range, First Class Cleaning Service at a Bargain of a price!

Mrs P.   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I simply had to let you know how happy I am, after the last few days of chaos, going into labour a little early meant it was a bit of rush to the hospital and the house was left in a right state.  But when I came home yesterday with my new baby girl, the house looked fantastic, and still smells so fresh!!!  God Bless my darling husband for booking you for this wonderful surprise for me, I will definitely be in touch with you soon about booking you again.  
Mrs G.   Thank you so much for all your help and to the girls for a great job over the last couple of years, your service is so reliable, not once have you ever let me down.

Mr J.      Just had to phone to say a huge thank you yesterday’s cleaning was excellent.
Mrs W.   Hi just got back home your ladies did a Fantastic Job as always, please let them know how much I appreciate their efforts!
Mrs E.    Your services are exceptional and your ladies are marvelous, so happy to have found you.
Mrs P.    Just a quick note to say that I think Veronica and Claire are a great team, they work really well together.
Mr A.    Splendid Service, Marvelous Maids, Exceptional Cleaning, I am absolutely delighted :)
Miss H.   I don't know what I would without your lovely ladies, and Sharon is a Gem!
Mr. D.     Everything Excellent, the cleaning, the service, and excellent value for money, I'm a happy chappy :)
Mrs. A.     Great Job! Thank you Jx

Simply super, we are both amazed and delighted to find that you deliver on all of your promises all of time.
Mr & Mrs E.

"Maid in Wrexham, more like maid in heaven, they arrive regular as clockwork with a ready smile and full supply of little mini miracles, before I know it the entire house is clean, shining and smelling fantastic, I don't know how they do it but I'm absolutely delighted that they do! They have not only given me back my weekends, but also some spare time (and energy) to spend with my adorable grandchildren!!!  Mrs Davies

"We love to come home on our 'cleaning day' because we know that everything will be clean, shiny and fresh. We have absolute confidence in the entire team, and all of the services they offer and the security measures they take. There is nothing that you could expect from a professional cleaning company that is not provided in abundance from Wrexham Cleaners Ltd and the steam cleaning of our mattress and pillows has almost entirely removed my allergy symptoms, I had gotten so used to sneezing, snuffling and snoring through the night that I'd forgotten what a good night’s sleep was like! And so my wife tells me, had she!!!    
Mr. & Mrs. Hughes

"Thank you for fitting in our end of tenancy clean, I'm so sorry that everything was so last minute. I can't tell you how fantastic it was to have all that stress simply taken away by your wonderful team. The clean was simply exceptional, the landlord was delighted and gave us our full deposit back without a single quibble."    
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer

"I love my apartment after a Wrexham Cleaners Clean, theirs is a very different level of cleaning, and it’s amazing with everything left so highly polished. And all without a single worry because I know that everything has been covered so professionally. Fantastic!!!     Dr. Andy P.

"Since I started using this cleaning company my house feels amazing, and with very little effort from me! I have been nothing but impressed with every single thing since the very first conversation when I rang up needing help. The cleaning services are indeed thorough, but what genuinely amazes me is that unlike any of the many other cleaning services I have used previously, a Wrexham Cleaners clean REALLY LASTS!!! 

I sincerely do very little maintenance cleaning between the fortnightly services, and yet the bathrooms remain shiny with none of that awful limey stuff around the taps, and generally the dust just does not accumulate as quickly or as thickly as it used to.

The only cleaning that I do need to do as before is to keep on top of the kitchen floor after our 2 golden retrievers traipse in & out. Sharon and the team are very friendly, yet ultimately professional. Their service is flexible, and organized around our ever changing requirements, and as we are in the middle of ongoing refurbishment that has been invaluable!        Mrs. Edwards.

"Thank you SO MUCH your girls are just fabby and that extra clean made all the difference in the world to me that day, bless you and your troops, you make my life work!      Mrs W
"The house was like a palace when I got home from work last night so please thank your team. Loved the personal touches"   Mrs J
George said:   Claire & Trudy look after me so well, they are lovely ladies and always work so hard when they are cleaning for me.
Jenny A. said:   Sometime back I elected to undertake a prolonged period of study on top of my fairly demanding full time job; and Wrexham Cleaners Ltd has been a real part of making this possible for me. The reassurance that the house will be clean and tidy without me having to worry about finding the extra time for this is great. By having a specially tailored cleaning schedule on a regular basis my home is always kept just the way I like it; the girls are always cheerful and friendly and should I need to change the planned cleaning scheduled they always happy to accommodate taking a huge pressure off me, and with their Per Calendar Month Payment Plan I don't even have to worry about remembering to leave their payment. Thank you Jx

Zelda F. said:   I have had Wrexham Cleaners Limited to clean for me for over 7 years and would not hesitate to recommend them. I have been more than happy with the service they have provided, not only in terms of their cleaning standards but also on resolving any queries or questions I have had. The cleaning schedule, devised between us at the very start, is really good as I know exactly what rooms are being cleaned each time but still have the flexibility to change these, sometimes at very short notice. Each room is cleaned to the same high standard, even when this involves cleaning up after my budgies feathers and seeds! I would recommend them for a job well done, every time!

Robbie B. said:   Huge thanks yet again to you and the team, this time was just as splendid as last time. I love the way you clean my home, I was so looking forward to coming home yesterday and I was not disappointed, everywhere sparkling clean and smelling fresh!  I will be calling you again in a few months’ time.
Mrs D ~ Bangor on Dee said:  
I happily recommend Wrexham Cleaners Limited to anyone; they have been looking after my home for many years now, I thoroughly enjoy any time I spend with ladies that come to clean for me, and I have always been very impressed with the standard of the service provided by both the cleaning staff and office staff alike.

Mrs E ~ Wrexham said:   I have just had a team from Wrexham Cleaners spend the morning with me and I am delighted, they were just lovely & have done a wonderful job, I am in my eighties now & for years I have been struggling to do some of the heavier jobs around the house, but no more from now on I will just ask Wrexham Cleaners to send me some of their lovely ladies. I can't believe it, I have had all my winter curtains taken down & the summer ones ironed & put up, all the upvc window frames & windows cleaned, the kitchen cupboards & drawers were all emptied, cleaned & sorted (they found things I forgot I had) they did my oven & the fridge/freezer, they even took the washing machine drawer out & cleaned that up as well. They managed to do so much in just a few hours, but the cherry on the cake was when they offered to take my winter curtains in to the dry cleaners for me & fetch them back in a few days or so, what a huge lift they have given me.

Mr P. ~ Cefn y Bedd said:   Tracey and her team are superb! The cleaning is thorough, professional, and timely. I can trust them implicitly. They are quite simply the best cleaning service I have ever had.

Mrs E. said:   I have been using the services of Wrexham Cleaners Ltd for about 5 years and have always found them to be reliable, pleasant and very, very, thorough.

Mrs D. ~ Wrexham said:   The team at Wrexham Cleaners have been working for us for the past 4, almost 5, years; we have always found them to be cheerful, thorough, trustworthy, reliable, and conscientious in their work. They are very flexible and willing to work to our changeable schedules. They are a professionally run company and a lucky find indeed.

 Mrs B. ~ Caergwrle said:  
I recently had another cleaning co. in to do a one off blitz; I was very, very disappointed even after they came back to supposedly put things right, I felt really let down. Then my next door neighbor recommended that I arrange for Wrexham Cleaners to come and see me, which I did, however as I was so nervous of being let down again, I asked for just a few rooms to be done this time, and all I can say is WOW!!! I have already booked for them to come back & do the rest of the house. The ladies really were lovely and the cleaning was extremely thorough leaving everything clean & shiny & smelling great, and the price worked out to be less than I paid the first time.

Nigel M. said:   The service provided by Wrexham Cleaners has been excellent, not only do they provide excellent cleaning services, they also provided my late Father with, what he considered to be, friends to chat and share a joke with. Nothing appears to be too much trouble and they don’t think twice about going out of their way to help. I know that my Father really looked forward to his visits from his team, I am happy to very much recommend them to anyone!

Mrs S. ~ Worthenbury said:   The ladies from Wrexham Cleaners are a pleasure to have in my home, I really appreciate just how respectful they never fail to be, to both me and my home & I'm always very impressed with just how much pride they take in their work, even getting down onto their hands and knees to vacuum the edges of my carpeting or to clean right into those awkward corners (none of my previous cleaners have ever done that!!) I have recommended them to all of my family, friends & neighbors.
Margaret H. said:   We have found our team from Wrexham Cleaners to be friendly, efficient & clean to a high standard. They are flexible & can adapt to our needs as necessary.
Albert R. said:   In the 10 + years that I have had my house cleaned by Wrexham Cleaners Ltd I have found them to be prompt, cheerful and professional. I highly recommend them.
Enid H. said:   Wrexham Cleaners are very thorough in all they do. They visit once every four weeks and the house is always sparkling when they leave. They are very reliable and perfectly trustworthy.
Jayne W. said:   I'm sorry I've only just had chance to write and thank you for the wonderful job your ladies did cleaning my house. They were super-efficient! Many thanks. I would recommend your company to anyone, and hope to use you myself again in the near future.

Robbie B. said:   Just a little note thanking you and your team for doing such a splendid job last week. It was such a treat to come home to a sparkling house - I've been walking round on tip-toe all week, and having salads, just so I don't mess up the carpet and the cooker! I'm going to have quite a number of visitors over the next few weeks - I'm sure I'll need to call on you again. Thank you once more.

Debbie C. said:   Consistent thorough job every time. Thank you. From Debbie C.

Teresa G. said:   Hi to let you that my contract changes again next month so after the end of this month we won’t be needing your excellent services for a while. Thank you for all your help. Your girls are great!!! :0)

Andrews Property Management Services said:   We are so pleased that we were referred to Wrexham Cleaners Ltd. We have already used them to clean two of our properties and have been extremely pleased with both cleans. The quality of both the cleaning and the customer service is much better than any of the other companies we have used in the past. On both occasions the cleaning team were prompt, courteous and professional!  

Mr. S. said: I have been using Wrexham Cleaners for many years and have always been more then satisfied with both the cleaning staff and the office staff, who have obviously been very well trained on how to book their services. They are totally trustworthy and reliable, as not once have they ever failed to turn up to clean for me. I’d recommend this company and their cleaning services to anyone!

Mr & Mrs R said: Thank you for arranging our End of Tenancy Clean for us. Your team did an absolutely Fantastic job. We will definitely use your services again and recommend you always.

Mr & Mrs D said: Following the extensive building work needed so that my elderly father could come and live with us, our builder recommended that we called Wrexham Cleaners Limited and arrange for them to come and clean up afterwards.

What a cracking cleaning company, I have readily recommended them to all of my friends and family.